From a bright idea to industrial-scale production

It all began with a sponge. In 1995, Guido Bonadonna and Luigi Rossi, two young men in their early twenties, both eagerly determined with a positive, can-do attitude, received a request from one of Milan's leading publishers for a magazine giveaway, a soap-infused spongea sponge. Unable to find manufacturers on the market who could guarantee the required quality standards, the two men took it upon themselves to make the sponge themselves. Gfl's journey began with a first order of 100,000 pieces.


The quality of the product did not go unnoticed, and it wasn’t long before another customer turned to the newly founded company for a supply of sponges for a hotel. The two young entrepreneurs seeing a great opportunity for growth in the hospitality industry, and with a surge in requests, differentiated production, moving from simple freebies to complimentary toiletries for hotels. Right from the outset, Gfl has stood out for its reliability, quality and attention to detail, all of which constitute the underlying values that still guide every aspect of the company to this day. From the very start, Bonadonna and Rossi chose a global approach to both strategy and operations: Gfl is a European company, designed to compete on the single market, adapting to the needs and unique characteristics of each country.


In 2005, Gfl began to operate in the hotel amenities industry, selling now over 700 million articles per year. Now in the year 2016, the company has more than 180 staff divided between the central office in Lugano, the operations unit in Italy and the international sales network, with a far-reaching presence across Europe and new branches in the United States and the Middle East.



Gfl plant: a high-performance centre

The Glf production hub is located in Siziano (Pavia), a modern, low-environmental impact plant covering 18,500 m2 which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The plant is divided into five departments: solid cosmetics; liquid cosmetics; labelling; bags, serviettes and Doypacks; dispensers and tubes.

Using the latest cutting-edge technology and entirely computer-based production-management systems, Gfl packages all its cosmetics in-house.



Gfl lab: A model of well-being

Gfl manages a state-of-the-art internal laboratory which takes care of product development, production, analysis, testing and compilation of the product information files (PIF). Our goal is to create safe, reliable formulas that are continuously updated to improve the appearance, effectiveness and quality of the product.


Quality testing

Before a product is launched onto the market, our internal development team conducts a series of rigorous internal tests designed to eliminate the risk of non-conformities thus ensuring the highest possible quality standards.



Beautiful beauty products

The most unique expertise of Gfl lies in its ability to combine the concept of cosmetics with the concept of aesthetics. This is how we breathe life into our high-quality products, all the while paying the utmost attention to their design and appearance. Our creative R&D team is responsible for analysing technology applications for intelligent packaging that is lighter and more environmentally friendly, and designing attractive, appealing products that bring pleasure to those who use them.

Made in Gfl practicality

Gfl has always focused not only on the design but also on the practicality of its products. Here, design becomes a fundamental aspect that facilitates the use of the beauty product, without compromising on an attractive, updated appearance. Browse the catalogue and discover all the Made in Gfl packages, from Doypacks with a resealable safety lid to paper cases for accessories.



Born to be international

Gfl's strength lies in its sales network: 2,000 distributors in 86 countries, as well as a direct presence within the main European markets with dedicated country managers and key account managers, supported by a back office team in the central office. This network is further bolstered by the new operations units in the United States and the Middle East.


Areas covered:
Iberian Peninsula Spain, Portugal
UK United Kingdom, Ireland
DACH Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg
Italy Italy, San Marino
Central Europe Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Greece, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia
America USA, Canada, Central America, Caribbean
Middle East United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain


Value to products and to people

For Gfl, quality means a carefully selected raw materials and thorough checks at every stage of the internal industrial process in order to offer first-class products in terms of both substance and design, every day.

But it doesn’t end there: quality also means enhancing our staff and suppliers by ensuring that they receive continuous training and support as well as monitoring and improving logistics, shipments and sales.



A sustainable approach in practice

Gfl is committed to reducing its environmental impact through green policies and cutting-edge technologies. Our containers, dispensers and packaging are easy to dispose of and are designed to optimise transportation and reduce CO2 emissions.

Certifications awarded: Ecocert Cosmos Organic, CosmeBio, Ecolabel and Nordic Ecolabel.

Gfl implements the international LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) standard to measure and quantify the impact of its products on the environment. This tool assesses the complete life cycle, from processing of the raw materials to packaging manufacturing, from product packaging to disposal. The result is expressed in CO2.



A wide array of choice

With Gfl, customers can take their pick from a variety of different ranges of cosmetics, packaging, dispensers and accessories; a wide range of products designed for every occasion and to fulfil every need, which are fully customisable and come with the Gfl quality guarantee.





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