Contemporary in style but somehow very familiar, a true modern classic. Simple clean lines with subtle use of colour ensure the range blends seamlessly into any bathroom setting.
Geneva Guild consists of dispensers and bottles of Shampoo, Body Wash, Conditioner and Body Cream, soap, plus some essential accessories most widely requested by guests. Geneva Guild are high quality cosmetics, formulated with extracts and selected active ingredients for everyday wellbeing.


Geneva Guild cosmetics have been specifically studied to satisfy the most discerning guests. Cleansers and creams are characterized by fresh and clean fragrances inspired by nature which offer a pleasant daily ritual to guests. To complete the package clear simple script on all packaging makes identification of each cosmetic easy for guests. 

High quality cosmetics with natural extracts to rejuvenate and refresh

Chic and stylish design

for contemporary SPACE


The sleek cylindrical dispensers are perf ect for use in the public facilities of hotels, restaurants and health centres. The stylish shape has a larger than normal capacity of 380 ml meaning the bottles last longer , essential for busy establishments. They can easily be fitted in the shower area, or by a hand basin and once secured bottles cannot be removed by inquisitive guests.


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